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Welcome to Doctor Brønshøj´s English-language surgery. The Doctor will see you now ...
On this page you will find basic information about Brønshøj football club and the Doctor Brønshøj independent supporters´site.

Latest news:

• 23 August 2012: Hit the North
Based in Northern Jutland? Then go watch the Wasps when they travel to Hjørring for a 1st division away game on Sun. 26 August, 3 pm.

• 23 August 2012: Cup win
Brønshøj are through to the 2nd round of the Danish FA Cup after winning 4-1 away to Fremad Amager (2nd division), despite being down to 10 men after the Wasps´ Danish-Congolese striker Jimmy Mayasi was sent off. Goals from Mark Leth Pedersen, Simon Bræmer, recent signing Valon Ljuti, and Jesper Christjansen.
Brønshøj: Kim Drejs; Peter Larsen (Thomas Aarris), Jacob Berthelsen, Rasmus Minor Petersen (Capt.); Mads Gabel; Jimmy Mayasi, Jesper Christjansen, Valon Ljuti, Tim Risvig (Michael Jørgensen); Mark Leth Pedersen, Emil Berggren (Simon Bræmer)
In the 2nd round, the Wasps will travel to non-league Herlufsholm.

Brønshøj full-back Peter Larsen (left), captain and central defender Rasmus Minor Petersen, and striker Emil Berggren in the Wasps´ Danish FA Cup 1st round match at Fremad Amager on 22 August 2012. Brønshøj won by four goals to one. Photo: Thomas Brygger.
Brønshøj full-back Peter Larsen (left), captain and central defender Rasmus Minor Petersen, and striker Emil Berggren in the Danish FA Cup 1st round match at Fremad Amager on 22 August 2012. Photo: Thomas Brygger.

• 13 May 2012: Handful away
Brønshøj won by five goals to nil at Fredericia. Lasse Fosgaard, Pierre Kanstrup, Mark Leth Pedersen, Simon Bræmer and Simon Dethlefsen scored.

Doctor Brønshøj's address,

Brønshøj - the football club
Brønshøj Boldklub is a Danish football league club. The club´s best team are currently in the eastern part of the Danish 2nd division.

Brønshøj Boldklub (Danish 1st division); team photo, autumn half-season 2012
Brønshøj in their famous yellow-black striped shirts

Founded in 1919, the Brønshøj “Wasps,” named so after their black and yellow striped shirts, used to be a fairly regular fixture in the top flight of Danish football, reached the semi-finals of the Danish FA Cup several times around 1960 as well as in 1988.
The Wasps actually also won a trophy – the now defunct Danish League Cup – in 1982.

Today, crowds slightly smaller than the 10.000s not unheard of in Brønshøj´s heyday congregate at the club´s intimate Tingbjerg ground in Copenhagen on matchdays.

Brønshøj is a district in Copenhagen
Brønshøj is a district in Copenhagen,
the capital of Denmark.

Doctor Brønshøj - the unofficial supporters´ site
Doctor Brønshøj follows the team through thick and thin, and aims to be an information resource for the Tingbjerg faithful as well as for exiled supporters and those who are just plain curious.
Doctor Brønshøj is independent and unofficial. No views expressed here are those of the club. Doctor Brønshøj is not a supporters´club either, simply an independent supporters´website. For the official Brønshøj supporters´club, visit Hvepsene (their site is in Danish). Also check out the official club site – also in Danish.
The Doctor Brønshøj website has been active since September 1999. The Doctor diagnoses the matches, writes out prescriptions when necessary, and is always (more or less ...) ready with news, statistics and all sorts of other information for the fans.
Have you got any comments or suggestions? E-mail them to now!

Interested in watching Brønshøj play at Tingbjerg?
All you´ve got to do is get yourself to the nearest airport, catch a plane to Copenhagen, and arrive at Tingbjerg half an hour or so before kick-off (usually Saturdays 3.00 pm) in order to avoid having to queue for beer. Go on, get yourself to Tingbjerg ... It´s doctor´s orders! See you there ...!

Worried about travelling from Copenhagen airport to Tingbjerg?
Either get the metro from the airport to Forum station, then change to bus 2A to Tingbjerg.
Or get a cab: Just ask the taxi driver to take you to “Tingbjerg, the football ground where Brønshøj, week after week, entertain their fans with quality football.” It´s a 35-minute ride, and at the end of it the driver will probably leave his cab outside the ground and follow you through the turnstiles ...
Tingbjerg main stand
Tingbjerg main stand

Still interested, but worried you might stand out as a stranger?
In that case you should teach yourself Danish, and study the Doctor´s “Instant supporter” course. Being a graduate of the Doctor´s 5-minute academy will ensure you no end of success when among the fans.

How do you pronounce the strange letter “ø” in the club name?
Don´t worry about it. If you just say “Bronshoj” you will actually sound like you were born and bred around Tingbjerg ground ...

Want one the yellow-black striped shirts?
The official Brønshøj supporters´ club Hvepsene sells them; look for the Merchandise section on their website. Also, Drabanterne – a famous group of matchday volunteers – sell a large collection of Brønshøj souvenirs, including scarves, caps, pennants, pins, mugs, etc.; look for the Souvenir section on their site.

Doctor Brønshøj recommends the official Brønshøj supporters´club Hvepsene. Doctor Brønshøj is an independent and unofficial supporters´site and does not represent official views of the football club Brønshøj Boldklub in any way whatsoever.